Reflections: True Faith by New Order

Single by New Order: True Faith (Image Source:
I have never been a music aficionado having thousands of songs in my portable music player with earphones plugged into my ears at work, in the bus, while walking and at the dinner table. In school days, cassettes used to be the norm of the day - borrowing cassettes from friends and copying them onto blank cassettes as your own copy which can aptly be called the piracy of the tape days. My brother on the contrary was always into 'cool' things - music, movies and sports. He was the one who actually introduced me to a lot of genres of music - from Metal to Rock. He had bought a cassette of
Michael Jackson's History and we used to play it in an endless loop on Sundays. His tastes were varied though. Once during a family-and-friends trip to a beach town, he bought AR Rahman's Vande Mataram cassette which was released during the 50th year of Indian Independence.

I have never had and never will have a favourite band - it's just too difficult to like all the songs of a band. But rather favourite songs is something which I do have from a variety of artists. True Faith by New Order is definitely one of them. The lyrics reverberate with a feeling of an impending turnover of the existing order of life and society, a sort of a revolution in the offing. The bass guitar stirs up the tempo mixed with the nothingness of the beats.

"  I feel so extraordinary
Something's got a hold on me
I get this feeling I'm in motion
A sudden sense of liberty  " 


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