Reflections: Zerkalo (The Mirror) by Andrei Tarkovsky

Zerkalo (Image source: Wikipedia)
Zerkalo has been hailed as of one of the top ten or so of art movies of all time. The film is autobiographical in large parts and Tarkovsky's father's poetry is over laid onto the film. It deals with different phases of Tarkovsky's life: childhood, youth, his mother, the children, war, communism and the Russian countryside. The shots are the standard Tarkovsky slow panning ones. The use of the effect of strong winds on grass and plants is used strikingly well. The scene where the disappearance of the mist from a window glass is shown makes one reflect upon the temporal existence of life.

The film is complex and very difficult to understand as the same actors portray multiple roles over different periods of time. This has described on a forum on IMDB as the director's way of narrating the continuity of the past into the present and together into the future. The film had generated enough controversies as it was construed as depicting the Russian state of affairs negatively.

Arseny Tarkovsky's poetry transcends the beauty of words. The complete poem can be read on All Poetry

"  We celebrated every moment
Of our meetings as epiphanies,
Just we two in all the world.
Bolder, lighter than a bird's wing,
You hurtled like vertigo
Down the stairs, leading
Through moist lilac to your realm
Beyond the mirror  "


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