Raiko's son

As my spirit roams unbound
in the tender world around
in places i'd think out loud
my meek chirps however lost in the crowd
in archaic galleys
and woven chairs
i wish'd to swirl
with a grain of wheat and a tear of water

Swarms of faces running out
hither tither they couldn't care 'bout
trample they'd on brown speckled dreams
which they held against their faulty gleam
in I flew once to be dazzled and cringe
solitude was nowhere in sight
the Sun brought them out
woul'd go away when down
perched atop a mangled sill
the wind purged along to a distance unknown

A turnstile not to be seen
a garden i'd land on soggy grass
calm i was till the lobby i'd crossed
a morbid king hung astride
its claimed pulchritude wasted aside
his glowing face like black dahlia
lubberly tongue
and Paisley hair

Happy at others' sadness
happier at my happiness
i lunge forwards
darker lanes towards
a place with a grotesque sobriquet
after boiled worms
and smothered beings
shiny it may be
like smoothed slings
meaningless chatter
and false beauty
i return to my old abode
to think of what should be

I linger
surrounding my older self
my own cadaver
inanimate, beautiful yet tender
still on the greens
where i'd always belong'd
I try
to cover
with a sheath of darkness and obscurity
to preserve my existence
in the beguiled crate
of selflessness and puerile belongings
tossing and turning i do
to vehemently oppose
as my sweet past does nothing
but decompose
i return to my old abode
to think of what should be
I linger
surrounding my older self
to think of what should be


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