Review: Vultures' Picnic by Greg Palast

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Vultures' Picnic

"When BPs Gulf well blew, Chevron began to shit bricks, as it watched its stock drop 10 percent. The stock feared a deepwater drilling ban, because Chevron, not BP, is the big boy in the Gulf's deep waters" - Palast.

All those who have read Confessions of an Economic Hitman, this is a must read. And for those who haven't, this still is a must read. After reaching a certain age you start disbelieving anything that is being told to you - by your doctor, spouse, children, colleagues, and especially the media. You reach a stage where everything seems a fanciful concocted story crafted to take something out of you. And Palast helps you in such a situation. After reading this, you will not believe your own self as well. He helps your paranoia reach a zenith from where all you can see is black, oil-covered oceans and dead ducks and fried fishes floating about in them. He stabs your belief in democracy, truth (if anything like that ever existed), riches, CNN/PBS/NYT, and Capitalism. And if you decide to jump off your second-floor flat after this, what else can he be apart from being a nice guy? (a term borrowed from him).

Palast tracks the flow of millions of dollars around the globe involving schmucks from Switzerland, Liberia, Azerbaijan, Shell, BP, Canada, Texas, World Bank, United Nations and Japan. And a lot of dandies like Friedman, Krugman, Stiglitz, Wolfowitz, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Palast. He digs around secret cables with the help of Bad Penny ("un-googleable" aka R******-Louisa Von N*****-Manzoni aka Velvet Vicious) and his team, and brings out an investigation which will blow your brains out. Your values and beliefs in the so-called morality of Capitalism will burn away. It's business after all. Dead fishes, displaced locals, and devasted shores - it's business after all, guys.

The next step after reading this has to be a visit to a shrink. (If you still can't get it, this means that YOU NEED TO READ IT!)

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